the story of alice the sidekick who lost everything

Once there was a sidekick who had lost everything. her name was alice.  It all stared when her sister did not come home for the day. alice was vary sad about that. she had no one to hang out with. her mom and dad were her hero, but they had to stop a fight from going on. so alice had to stay back in the tower to watch out for them to return. later that night when they were out she heard that the best park ever was on fire.  alice did not know what to do. her mom and dad were still out. she had to wait for them. alice had to go and save the park, so she want there to the park and put out the fire and alice saved the day all by herself and her mom and dad were happy she saved the park.

two young kids

once there were two kids one was named Rory and the other one was logan they had mat in school and became friends and then one day Rory had told logan that she wanted to be his DF and ge told her yes and that was the start of Logan and Rory

Welcome to my blog

Hi I’m Alice, and I like to write stories, watching TV and of course, going on Youtube. My stories are mainly dark and I like to focus around making them scary. My favorite shows are Gilmore Girls, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, and Degrassi. On this blog my main focus will be to talk about TV shows and show my stories. I hope you enjoy my future posts.